International One Design - Concepts Publishing, IncInternational One Design
by Alessandro Vitelli, Herb Motley, and Dana Jinkins

There is something about International One-Designs that sets them apart from other boats. They fill an indefinable niche between big boats and small boats; they are one-designs yet each one is unique, and shows those sailing her a distinctive personality.

Their saga has been unfolding for 75 years, spanning generations of sailors and encompassing an ever-in­creasing geographical range. Within these pages, is that story, from their conception in the world of pre-war open design class racing to the present expansion of fleets, where new fiberglass boats compete evenly with the original wooden boats. Together with the history of the boats themselves, is a glimpse of the many colorful people who created the Class, and later steered its evolution to the present status, with eleven fleets in six countries and two continents. The loveliness of the International One-Designs is given full due as well, with over two hundred photos and drawings spanning their entire history.

All International One-Design sailors and lovers, and many sailors from all classes as well, will find this book a compelling collection of IOD lore, presented with stunning visuals and detailed factual information.